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Manufacturer of the Worlds
Largest Range of Lighting Towers
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> VT Hybrid

The world’s first hybrid lighting tower:
Equiped with battery, zero carbon emissions.

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> VB9

The VB9 is an innovative vertical lighting tower, designed to be "very environmentally friendly"

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> VT1

Quiet and ideally suited for use at outdoor events, yet burly enough to stand up to construction sites.

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> Security tower

An effective risk management system that can be adapted to any size and complexity of site.

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> DF Ecology

DF Ecology is a company specialized in development, production and marketing of a range of dust control equipment.

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With TowerLight’s position as the pre-eminent lighting tower specialist in the World, sales of their high quality products have increased accordingly. The award winning VT-1, the unparalleled LinkTower, the popular VT-2 and the innovative Hydropowercube have all been enthusiastically embraced by construction firms, outside events organisers and general industry.


Throughout the world there is an increasing requirement to provide sufficient lighting cover for all types of outside working and public events.

This is driven by a number of factors, including compliance with health and safety laws, maintaining and increasing productivity and to provide proper security for employees and equipment.

Typical places that often need proper lighting include: highway intersections, site entrances, construction sites, excavation works, car parking, quarries, mining, ports, airports and emergency response teams.

All of these situations will need, on occasions, to provide proper lighting, particularly during night-time working or where there is insufficient safe natural light.

Appropriate lighting at work is very important to the health and safety of everyone in the workplace.

The quicker and easier it is to see a hazard, the more likely it will be avoided. As there are many differing types of hazard present in a work area, the actual lighting requirements will vary dependant on the individual task being undertaken.

The size of the global market for mobile lighting towers continues to rise at a rapid rate, principally due to industry conforming to worldwide directives on health and safety in the work place.